crate motor

  1. robert robinson

    New engine for Mach 1?

    I have a 2003 Mach 1 that just rolled 167000. It leaks oil, has a little tick or rattle and it starting to show it's age. My question is, where can I find a new 4 valve 4.6 long block or short block. Everywhere I look it's all coyote stuff. I understand the coyote is a great motor, and I'd...
  2. C

    Help Choosing Auto Transmission

    All, I am planning to swap out my T-5 manual for an automatic transmission (yeah, yeah, I know). I currently have a '65 Fastback, Ford Racing Crate 306 (340 hp) with EFI, 9" Versaille rear axle, Total Control front front end, power steering and brakes. I am looking for opinions on what type of...