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    a/c only blows through the defrost and floor

    2002 new edge v6 convertible. a/c blows cold, but only through the floor and defrost vents. any suggestions as to what may be causing it? its pretty hot out here in vegas so it would be nice to get this resolved
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    2007 Mustang - A/c Blows Through Defrost Fix

    Hello All, I'll start with my problem was the Panel(Dash)/Floor actuator. I wanted to post how I fixed my 2007 mustang when the A/C would only blow through the defrost no matter where I turned the dial on the A/C, no knocking or clicking sound. I searched the web to figure out what the problem...
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    Ac Coming Out Defrost Vent

    Whenever i turn my air on, it only works coming out of the defrost vent regardless of where it's set. I've read up and found a common source to be a vacuum leak. My mechanic looked at it this morning and said that if it was a vacuum leak he would be able to hear it and the engine would run...