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    For Sale 1986 GT H/B - Good donor car / Chicago area

    Selling a 5.0L 1986 Mustang GT. Car runs and has lots of original parts & pieces. Doors and hatch have been replaced - from an '85. 141k original miles on the untouched motor. There are some driveway repairs and the car is NOT weather tight. This would make a good donor car for your project or...
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    Auto To Stick Conversion (with A Donor Car)

    so here's the story. I've got one smashed up '05 GT (auto) in my garage. I was already planning on buying a donor car, and the one I was looking at was a manual. What would it take to swap the trans? Would I even have all of the parts I would need? I know people say it isn't worth it, but I've...