1. M

    Doors from 2000 feel lighter than 1996

    When I was at the wrecker pulling my 'new' s197 seats, I noticed the doors on a close by 2000 really felt lighter than my doors (1996). My questions are; One. Are there weight differences? Two. Will 2000 bolt on a '96? Three. Were they made of different steel? maybe aluminium? Thank you
  2. opihinalu

    Run channel weatherstrip dry rotted and stuck into the channel?

    I am currently replacing my run channel weatherstrip and I am in the proccess of pulling it all out, however the weatherstrip is so stiff it is barely even rubber anymore. It is cracking off as I pull it and it is leaving behind pieces of rubber stuck in the channel that cracked off as I was...
  3. G

    85-86 door body moldings on 87-93

    Hello, First time Fox body owner. I’m having trouble hunting down clean doors for my 86 GT hatch. Mine are rotted. I know they had the same body moldings for 85-86 and changed them in 87. Is it possible to install the 85-86 body moldings on the newer doors? I know they wouldn’t fit directly...
  4. A

    Roller Hinge Pins

    Hello, I have been able to remove both of my door hinge after a very long and tiring process. Since I have purchased the right angle adapter for when I tackle the passenger side. I figured while I am in there I might as well replace the door spring as well as the roller wheel so that my door...