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    06 Gt Fuel Presure Drop When Accelerating

    06 mustang GT, 180K Miles, good upkeep, fuel filter replaced every other oil change when the vehicle has been driving for more than 20-30 minutes, the fuel rail pressure drops to 10-20 kPa when I want to accelerate fast but as soon as I let off the gas it jumps back up. when idle, or cruising...
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    Electrical 1996 Mustang Convertible Auto Power Window Drop- Please Help!

    Hi. Newbie here. First post. Bought a 1996 mustang GT Convertible. 167,000 miles. Runs good. When I open the doors, the windows are supposed to drop a 1/2" to clear the top right? Mine don't. Went and read all kinds of posts that said how to reinitialize the smart window motors. Tried...