egr issues

  1. johnny21

    Exhaust EGR and SMOG Systems - KOEO code 34

    Hello again! Okay moving onto the next KOEO code - 34 for the 87 5.0. This code is interesting because it does seem like the car runs a little smelly and I would like to make it run better and cleaner if possible. So the previous owner(s) removed all EGR and smog components. Currently installed...
  2. B

    1995 GT 5.0 throwing code 332 with EGR delete

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I recently bought this car used and the previous owner had an EGR delete done. When the vehicle is running, the check engine light comes on and shows code 332 for insufficient flow. I have been told that a tune is the way to get rid of it, but I am...
  3. T

    Engine EGR spacer rear hose replacement. '93 5.0

    I just need to replace the rear hose but I can't reach the lower end of the hose to loosen the clamp. What are the parts I would need to remove in order to replace the rear hose? It is definitely in need of replacement. Thank you for your help
  4. S

    Need help with EGR related issues

    Ok so... all of a sudden I got completely drowned in emissions egr codes. No CEL, everything would pass on my routine KOER and KOEO tests. Then all of a sudden My light comes on. I got home and I got code 332 insuffiecient EGR flow. No problem, I got a used egr valve off a low mileage parts car...
  5. C

    Help ‘03 Gt Code P1409 Odd Symptoms

    Evening gents! New here, not to mustangs though. This is my first 4.6 car, been good up until the last couple of months, been seeing code p1409 egr system circuit malfunction pop up, and go out a few times on it’s own. Symptoms include; after the engine is warm, and at highway speed, if I am at...