1. D

    What is this???

    Found this in my new fox. I’m not sure exactly what it is. The hose comes from under the intake manifold and back behind the engine I believe. Maybe I’m missing something here but I’ve never seen this..
  2. MoDriver

    SOLD New Ford Motorcraft Fuel Filter, Part Number: Fg-986b

    [SOLD] Listed is one New Ford Motorcraft Fuel Filter, Part number: FG-986B Asking $10/obo. Buyer picks up or pays for shipping from 22152 zipcode (Virginia). Fits most SN95 Mustangs and many Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Vans and trucks. You can check your application on (May...
  3. S

    SOLD Afe Pro Dry S 31-80179 Engine Air Filter - $50

    Manufacturers Product Page: Fits 2010 4.6L, 2011-2014 5.0L and 2011-2014 3.7L (unsure of 2015+ 3.7/5.0) Excellent condition. Isn't dirty at all, looks brand new. Bought in late 2014 for my 3.7L mustang. Used for less than 1k miles before...