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    pf body floor plug and grommet utility?

    hi . im about to replace my floor pan and i want to know what is the floor plug drain and grommet utiliy.
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    fox body difference 79-81 and 82-93

    Hi there I'm looking at replacing the carpet in my 82 Capri, so there isn't also of sites supporting parts for Capri's, but there is plenty for Fox body and from what i understand Fox body and Carpi share platforms. Now to my question, are there any differences in the floor pan of a fox body...
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    Rain Leak

    I got a 93 notch (not a convertible) and everytime it rains water comes down both the right and left sides of the firewall and both floor pans end up getting wet. I checked the fire wall wire grommets but still can't figure it out. Any recommendations?