1. J

    Exhaust 1992 gt - flowmaster super 10 offset/offset vs. offset/center. whats the differences?

    trying to decide on a new exhaust setup for my 92 gt, thinking about doing an offroad BBK H-pipe paired with super 10 mufflers, but i want to know the difference between the offset/offset super 10's and the offset/center super 10's.
  2. J

    Fox 1992 GT - which exhaust setup?

    i want an exhaust setup with a deep and throaty rumble sound, similar to the slp loudmouth catback but something deeper and maybe not as loud. i was thinking flowmaster super 10's with an H pipe and some long tube headers. if anybody knows of any other options i could go for that are for a...
  3. J

    Expired 2016 Mustang Gt Supercharged; $37,000 8900 Miles- Spring Hill Tn

    2016 Mustang GT Supercharged 600rwhp 8,400 miles, asking $37,000. Fully loaded from the factory. Manual 6spd, Led lights, 5.0L, 19" 50th anniversary rims, flowmaster exhaust, upgraded fuel system, 2.9L stage 2 whipped supercharger, All done and tuned by DBR performance in Springhill Tennessee...
  4. S

    66 Mustang Exhaust

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I can get some input on exhaust options. I have a '66 with a built 302 (Anderson N-61 cam, Holley carbeurated, edelbrock victor jr heads, etc.). I have hooker comp long tubes already on the block. I'm deciding what is the best exhaust for me. I'm not a modest...
  5. A

    Exhaust Flowmaster 40s Too Quiet

    This is a really stupid question but I am confused as hell as to why my foxbody is so quiet. I have bbk longtubes, offroad h pipe, and original 40 series flows... I hear all these videos on YouTube of 40s sounding much much louder than my car. I also may mention that these mufflers have been on...
  6. cutecrimnal143

    Tune Help With Mustang Gt And Color

    Hello guys i just purchased a 2001 mustang gt with 88000 miles on it in red . The car has different shades of red because of paint oxidation i would like to fix that too i don't know how to go about that any help in that regard would be great . I did some work on the car which inludes bbk...
  7. 2000 Mustang GT

    2000 Mustang GT

    What do yall think? 18 Year old College Kid, Did almost everything myself!