fuel cell

  1. JonezySN95

    Fuel Cell Option And Question

    I feel like this is a dumb question, but I'm curious and will ask anyway. As I get further along, I am looking into getting a fuel cell. Now, is there certain regulations for these that im unaware of? I plan on only running my car in test and tune nights so no serious racing. But this leads me...
  2. SOC_DOC32

    Expired For Sale, Aluminator Short Block, 03 Cobra Fr500 Heads, And Enginless Project Car

    If anyone is interested I am parting ways with my (ZERO "0" Miles on it) 4.6L Aluminator Iron sleeved DOHC Engine assembly. It is a built for boost via Centrifugal Style Supercharger (I do not have a Supercharger for this car) stuffed with a 298ci STROKER rotating assembly from Livernoise...
  3. Trevin

    Any Help Or Tips For Fuel Cell Install On 90 Fox Body Hatch

    Hello, I did a bit of searching and I have not had much luck with finding info on installing a fuel cell in my 90 hatch. I was looking to see if there was a direct drop in replacement so I would not have to do any cutting and welding. If so what kind is it. If not what have other people done as...