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    Electrical Gauge cluster help!!

    I’m almost done with my ls swap in my 87 coupe. I want to make my stock foxbody gauge cluster work. I have already done the research and already know how to make all the gauges work the only thing I can’t seem to get info on is the speedometer. I’m using a tr6060 6 speed transmission from 14...
  2. J

    Coolant temp gauge install

    Trying to install an aftermarket coolant temp gauge on 2002 4.6l 2v. I think the computer uses the stock sensor on the engine (correct me if I’m wrong), so was looking for an alternate location to install a coolant temp sensor. Any ideas? The sensor that came with the gauge has 1/8” npt...
  3. D

    Boost gauge vacuum line location

    I have a belt driven powerdyne system and was wondering where I should attach my vacuum line? It’s on an 88 lx 5.0
  4. A

    Crazy Wiring Issue!! I Need Help!!

    So i have a 88 GT and i have a cluster wiring issue. When i turn on the brights my temp gauge jumps up, my battery gauge goes down, my RMP gauge goes up and also the speedo. Also all of the lights shut off on the cluster. When i turn on the left blinker the arrow shows up but when i turn on the...
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    Expired 87-93 Gauge Cluster Bezel

    Like the title says, I have an extra one. It has a crack on one of the top screw holes, but it can be fixed. If I were putting this one on my car, I'd wash it and then respray it with the black interior spray from like LMR. The previous owner put a tiny red light on the bottom right but you...
  6. 2013 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Integrated RPM Shift Light Gauge Demonstration

    2013 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Integrated RPM Shift Light Gauge Demonstration

    Video showing the shift light integrated into the gauges on my 2013 Ford Mustang GT premium. The RPM gauge tachometer will actually light up red in the gauges at 7000 rpms to tell you to shift. It's pretty neat and every 2013 Ford Mustang GT Premium has this feature. It only works at night time...