1. Mycelus

    What's it Worth? 2017 GT350 - Grabber Blue - Value Check

    Hey all. I am not selling, but looking to buy a Grabber Blue GT350. I know it's a sought after color and there are less than 400 units in this color. I am not super picky on the mileage, but say 10K miles, 20K miles, and 30K miles, what would you say each one is worth respectively? Assume car...
  2. Mycelus

    SOLD [Minnesota] 2014 Ford Mustang GT | Grabber Blue | 6MT Coupe

    Up for sale is a 2014 Mustang GT in Grabber Blue. This car is a 6 speed, manual transmission, base trim. This car is modified, albeit slightly. Modifications are primarily cosmetic, along with the common things like exhaust, suspension, tint etc. All modifications are from reputable brands such...
  3. 1970GrabberCoupe

    Old Car, New To Forum

    Hi! New to the forum, here's my never ending project from Maine: 1970 Coupe, factory grabber orange, original interior(mostly), 302 from a 68, c4 trans, 8in axle with 4.10 gears... No highway for this guy! Never ending...."fun" Kyle