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    Expired 1995 Beautiful Bright Blue Gts Mustang

    Please note all VIN tags are still in original location, this reflects it is all original paint on the car. The mileage reflected on odometer is 247,438 which we know is incorrect due to the gears being replace so long ago before we ever purchased. Carfax report or Autocheck can provide...
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    Wheels-Tires Widest Tire You Can Fit By Flipping Your Quad Shocks?

    I got a 95 Mustang yesterday, I want to buy new rims and I found a good deal on some 17x10.5 rims and I read on the website that you may have to flip or remove your quad shocks to fit. I have seen on other forums that people have flipped their quad shocks for clearance for a 275 tire and the...
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    Expired Fs: 2012 Shelby Gts

    Hello, I am putting my 2012 Mustang Shelby GTS up for sale. The odometer reads 21,000 miles. All services and maintenance taken care of and car is kept immaculate. This GTS is the Supercharged (by Procharger) 3.7 V6. Shelby GTS Matte Black body stripes Shelby signature GTS side stripes and...