head swap

  1. 5

    Top End Reccomendations

    I've been wanting to do like a top end kit on my 87 LX for a while now. Looking to see what everyone recommends for heads, cam, intake, tb size, fuel injector combination that works well together. Keep in mind i would like to do a stroker kit either a 331 or 347, and would like a top end...
  2. 95TT347Cobra

    BEST SWAP OPTIONS! 05 GT 4.6 3v (Threw Rod), I have a 4.6L 2v out of an 04 GT and 4V in A mark. Suggestion?

    Hello, I have 2005 Mustang GT car supercharged with edelbrock or supercharger and methanol injection. I threw a rod in that motor do to detonation, my question to you guys is what would you recommend the route I take to fix my car. I have a running and driving 1997 Lincoln mark with a 4.6l 4...