1. foxbodybill89

    WTB/Trade BBK 1811 O/R x-pipe

    For fox body BBK long tube headers with AOD trans, new or good used. Any leads also appreciated, thanks.
  2. J

    2004 3.9 V6 Long Tube Header Installation

    Hello all! Im trying to install my pacesetter long tube headers on my 2004 3.9L. I have the drivers side installed. The passenger side directions state to unbolt the trans mount and slide it left, in which case I have tried. The header still hits the frame and the trans. Ive tried several times...
  3. H

    Exhaust Combo Help

    I currently own an 03 GT with Slp loudmouth 2 cat backs. Any idea to what the best midpipe and header combo would be to get a great sound with these cat backs? Im looking for a loud and raspy sound with some tone. Thanks