1. Ryu

    Running rich after cold air intake replacement

    Yesterday I installed a BBK-1556 cold air intake , a BBK-1517 throttlebody, and a BBK-8002 MAF in my 93 mustang LX Right after I completed the install I started it up and now it’s running so rich that I could set the air on fire if I lit a match from the exhaust. After some quick searching on...
  2. 95 mustang gt 5.0

    1994 Cobra Fuel Pump constantly priming/ running.

    Hey guys okay so I have a 1994 cobra 5.0 with a on3 turbo kit. I recently took out the engine rebuilt it all, took out the main engine harness and fuel injector harness. Put it all back in and now when I connect the battery terminals, as soon as I connect the positive, the fuel pump immediately...
  3. 9


    1999 mustang gt has ported and polished pi heads and ce262 cams, shortys and H pipe. I just bought the car and it had a missfire, rough idle and p0174 code which i believe is system too lean bank two. Replaced plugs, tps, iac, and got rid of the missfire code however it still has a missfire...
  4. J

    I need help figuring out what kind of mustang this is.

    So I've been looking into buying a mustang I saw but they don't have the year listed, I've narrowed down that it could be a 1999-2001 but I'm not too sure.
  5. U

    Fuel 2006 mustang gt

    I have a 2006 mustang gt 4.6 3v 5 speed manual and something keeps turning off my fuel pump and the car stops getting fuel and pump won’t turn on so my car won’t start! I let it sit for a day and then it will start right up and drive! I have a brand new fuel pump and relay! My car keeps doing...
  6. E

    Engine Swap Questions: 1982 Into 1993

    Hello. I have a 1993 Mustang, but it is a 4-cyl. I am planning to swap a V8 into it. I see a pretty good deal for a 1982 5.0, and now I am wondering if there would be any significant difficulties swapping the whole engine and drivetrain from the '82 to the '93. Wiring issues? Any issues at all?
  7. D

    Help Please

    Hey everyone, just a couple questions about my 2000 3.8 I'm hoping someone could help me with. And one of them being, why does it shake when I go over 130 KM and when ever I start slowing down after going over 75ish KM. And the second question being, why did my batterylight come on after I red...