high flow cats

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    High flow cats on a Stock 2V Mustang GT? Yay or nay?

    So my 01 Mustang GT is basically all stock, only upgrade I did was add Flowmaster 40s for that classic muscle car sound but I want it to become a bit louder without spending a ton of money, and without deleting cats completely or getting an O/R pipe because of emissions. Yes, I know I could get...
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    Exhaust set up advice. O\R H pipe or high flow cat H pipe?

    Hey guys so I got the borla Attak Axlebacks for my 2014 v6 Mustang and I deleted the resinators. It is loud when I want it to be and fairy quiet while just cruising, howeverI want the sound to be more of a deeper growl. I was going to pick up some BBK Long tube headers, and a BBK H pipe. My...
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    No Cats Or Mufflers With Stock H Pipe

    Hey guys new to the site but I'm needing some help. I recently bought a 2003 mustang gt it has no cats no mufflers and stock h pipe. I want to have an aggressive sound but do not like the popping and drag car sound I have now! I'm thinking I want the flowmaster super 44 with the h pipe. My...