hydro boost

  1. W

    How to bleed power steering correctly?

    02 Mustang GT, 155k TLDR; Perpetual power steering whine when at idle and especially when braking and turning. Had a bad brake fluid leak that ended with no brake pressure at all. Replaced caliper and line and bled system and that fixed that and the pedal felt normal. However, as soon as I...
  2. V

    Hydro Boost Install Process

    I have a 2000 GT and I ordered a new hydro-boost. I was wondering what the process and steps are to change one out. Do I have the bleed any fluids and replace them? Do I have to purchase and new gaskets and or o-rings?...etc
  3. V


    I have a 2000 GT and ordered a new hydro-boost. I was wondering what the full process of removing the hydro is? Is there a bleeding process? Do I have to get new fluid? Is there gaskets, o-rings...etc I have to replace? Please let me know the steps and other resources I need. Thank you!
  4. CWSpartan

    Just Replaced Faulty Power Steering Pump... Created More Problems

    Hey guys over the weekend I replaced my failing power steering pump on my 2004 gt 5 speed. The pump I installed is a remanufactured part from autozone. When I put it on I drained the fluid from the system, replaced it with merc 5 ATF and turned the wheels lock to lock to get all of the air out...