iac valve problem

  1. N

    A little help please IAC

    Good morning. I recently bought a mustang I know it had a tune on it but the previous owner said the tuner was stolen. I took the IAC valve off to clean it bc I had a rough idle (high then low then high) when I put it back on the car starts gets down to about 800 then just dies. Any advice or...
  2. S

    IAC Restrictor Plate Custom Made

    I have been having a hanging idle issue, after searching the forms and reading it seems that the issue is the IAC allowing too much air inside of the engine. I have heard of plenty people buying the IAC plate. But was wondering about making it myself? I have thrown the idea around because I...
  3. MSTNGGRL1995

    Rough, loping idle and random attempts to die

    Hey guys I've got 1995 5.0 GT. I've had it for 2 years and it's always had a bit of a rough idle, but it's gotten progressively worse. When I say rough idle I mean that when I start it the RPMs rev up to about 1200, then drop to 1000, then drop to about 750. It then proceeds to repeat this...
  4. Tk469

    IAC valve

    99 gt. If I apply 12v to my IAC, should it move? The solenoid clunks, but no movement in the plunger.
  5. T

    89 5.0l Iac Valve Operation

    Trying to troubleshoot 89 5.0L with rough idle when first started, down to the IAC valve. Pulled this valve and attempted to clean it, but looked clean already. My question is: how much travel does a correctly functioning IAC have? This is a basic two port spool valve but, while the spool in...
  6. J

    Poor Idling

    I'm building a factory five roadster using a 1996 Mustang GT donor with 4.6 L SOHC motor. I started up the rolling chassis for the first time this past weekend. The engine idles a little high for the first minute or so, then it drops to such a low idle that it stalls. Is this a problem that...