1. 91_Boostednotch

    Engine Cam ID HelP!!!!

    This camshaft was removed from my 302 and I have been unable to find any information on it. Any help would be appreciated. I have called COMP and they were unable to tell me anything. Thanks in advance!!! Some of the numbers are the following 0019SS, 201824, 449358, 44-07-01
  2. M

    Help Identify Specific Mustang Model

    I need help identifying the specific year this mustang is from. Sorry the pictures only show one angle. I can get more if it’s not enough.
  3. Sabretooth

    Brakes 5-Lug Converted Brakes / Parts - ID Help!

    I bought a 92 mustang lx about a week ago still learning about it i know it has a 5 lug swap and disc breaks all the way around. now here is my issue. when the car is off the brake peddle is firm an does move much. when its on and i try and use the breaks it goes right to the floor. does anyone...