ignition switch

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    Electrical Ignition switch problems

    Okayyy so my ignition switch in my foxbody 91 disassembled like it seperated from the metal part so i tried to put it back together while car was connected to battery while i was doing that in a moment i heard a pop and white smoke came from under the hood driver side. Inside the car nothing...
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    Ignition Switch

    Hey there everyone, I've been searching everywhere for an ignition switch for my 74 mustang II. Mustangsunlimited had one listed, but it was very different from the one I actually needed. Has anyone switched there's out? If so, where did you find one?
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    Electrical Mystery Wire For Ignition Switch

    Hey Guys, Please see pic. What's this severed wire that's butt-connectored to my red/green ignition switch wire?:scratch: Thanks!:flag: