1. J

    FORScan for New Edge

    I am currently looking to buy a New Edge Mustang to use as an autocross and/or rallycross car. My daily is a 2020 F-150 and I use FORScan to read diagnostics and programs things on there. Obviously, my truck's computer system is a "little bit" more complicated than the computers in the Mustangs...
  2. G

    Virgina Guys I Need Your Help.

    I moved here a year ago and my 2004 GT has cams, catless H pipe, long tubes, and a procharger. Will it pass inspection here in VA? Where do YOU recommend I go? Pm me if you have a place it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Eric Olinger

    Referral For Pre-buy Inspection In Ft Lauderdale

    Hi, I'm new here. In the process of buying a restored 1965 Mustang convertible off of eBay down in south Florida (I am in Tampa). This is kind of on a 30 year whim, always wanted one and came across this and it looks like a good deal and pretty much exactly what it want (from description and...