mach 1000

  1. G

    1999 Mach 460 to Mach 1000 conversion help please

    So I recently purchased the mach 1000 and have it mounted in the trunk and have the mach 1000 head unit. I've managed to remove my stock cd player, head unit, and bezel. I've been researching for the last few days and can't figure out what harness I'm supposed to get. I also don't know how you...
  2. Stephen Oltjenbruns

    Electrical Mach 1000// Mid Range To Full// Range Help!

    So I have an 04 with the Mach 460 in it.. When I purchased the car the last owner had the Mach 1000 (Woofers and amp rack) installed. I just recently put in new woofers due to cleaner crisp bass. I then replaced the door speakers to match the new woofers and they were not clear at all.. I then...