mass airflow

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    95 5.0 Maf Not Working

    I have a 1995 Mustang GT 5.0l. when i first bought it, it ran really weird, almost like the motor was flooding out and then dying. I sprayed out the mass air flow with cleaner and it ran fine for about 3 week. Then it ran crappy again. I ended up completely replacing the MAF and it ran fine for...
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    Expired Granatelli Mass Airflow Sensor W/filter / Cold Air Intake Tube

    NEW - Granatelli Motor Sports Mass Airflow Sensor w/Filter - Part # 80984624-00 Specific fit: 98 GT w/24lb injectors $325 obo NEW - Granatelli Motor Sports Cold air intake tube - Part #410033 Specific fit: 96-04 modular 4.6 $250 obo WILL PACKAGE TOGETHER AT A DISCOUNT!! Highland...