mechanical issue

  1. S

    Misfire on Cylinder 5, thrown the whole parts store at it

    2002 Mustang 3.8 Automatic 198,564 Miles Current mods: MAC OffRoad H-Pipe, K&N CAI, MSD Wires I got a code for misfire on cylinder 5 (P0305) a month after rebuilding the upper end of the engine (had a blown head gasket). The car ran extremely smooth and got great gas mileage before the problem...
  2. Z

    I need help with pistons

    I need to change the pistons of my V6 3.9L 04 and I have a question. Are the pistons of a 3.8L compatible with the 3.9L or is there a difference?
  3. 5


    I drive an '89 Mustang GT automatic I got in a front end collision last year and the damage went all the way to the fan, completely dented the radiator support. I replaced all necessary parts, fan radiator, ac condenser, welded front end back on and put in a new front bumper and hood. The car...
  4. Foxbody1988

    ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED 1988 mustang gt

    Ok guys I have a lengthy question/issue. So I rebuilt my motor about 4K miles ago. Fresh bore, hone, pistons and rings.. the whole nine yards. I noticed it was lacking power so I did some compression checks. I only did 3 cylinders and they were all relatively low numbers between 65-100 to be...
  5. M

    Abs Light

    The ABS and trac off light have been on in my 2004 GT since I bought it one year ago. I have replaced all brake pads, rotors, and calipers. I have thoroughly cleaned the ABS rings on all wheels; however, the lights are still on. I have been able to turn them off with a diagnostic reader, but...
  6. S

    Stiff Power Steering

    I have systematically replaced power steering components on my 3.9L V6 after a burnt fluid smell resulting from running fluid level too low. I found that a groaning pump was a result of air entering the system . After inspecting the system, I noticed that the rack was was wet on the drivers side...