1. L

    For Sale 94-04 Mustang Gt mishimoto radiator

    For sale is a brand new in plastic still mishimoto aluminum radiator and stabilizer kit. Brand new never installed or opened. Includes radiator, stabilizer kit, hardware, and reading material. 300 picked up, will ship on your dime. Located in Exeter, PA 18643.
  2. E

    Engine Fox mishimoto radiator

    IM NEW.TO FOXES BEFORE SOMEONE START JUDGING Ok so i ordered at pepboys a new mishimoto radiator cuz mine is leaking, mine currently have a 3 row mishimoto radiator but since i wasnt the one who bought the radiator the warrany doesnt cover it, well to keep on the story, i.went and ordered a new...
  3. Q

    Stock S197 Radiator (05-14) vs Mishimoto Performance Radiator

    Hey guys, I made a video comparing the differences between the stock 05-14 GT Radiator and the Mishimoto Performance Radiator Topics Covered: Size Weight Construction materials Construction Quality Pricing Fitment Differences Check it out here: View: https://youtu.be/nCZqJx-9cqo
  4. bigbros93

    Mishimoto Dual Fans On And Off

    Hey gang, I have 12" dual mishimoto fans in my 93 LX. I've been having some overheating issues and noticed that the electric fans turn on and off and don't stay on consistently. I am currently using a 40 amp relay and noticed that it was a little melted and deformed so I went and bought a new...