moar meaty tires

  1. L


    Oh lord am I going to get hate for this. But I’m building my 67 mustang into a car that I’ve always dreamed of. It will be a wide body 2JZ swapped coupe. That being said what would be the MAXIMUM tires and rim sizes I could run, it’s going to be lowered a bit but I want 17+ inch rims I just...
  2. LarsD

    What Do You Guys Think? 275/40/17's On The Front Of A 91lx?

    My 245/45/17's aren't cutting it, I don't have enough rear traction. Between the 17x8's and the Bullitt brakes on the front, it is crazy easy to lock up the tires under moderate braking. I am looking at moving up to 17x9's all the way around, and I would like to be able to rotate the tires. This...