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    Motor swap

    My ‘91 mustang 5.0 has seen better days. With the motor needing a new top end and the transmission having a burnt up torque converter and no overdrive gear. My buddy had a motor and tranny sitting at his shop that came out of an ‘02 F150 Harley Davidson Edition pickup with the 5.4L with...
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    2005 Ford Mustang Gt motor swap

    I have a freshed up old school, not sure what year. I kno it’s a 1980s, but don’t kno specifically. Anyways it’s a 302 carbureted motor. I wanna put it in my 2005 Ford Mustang Gt. Can somebody give me a rundown of what I’m gonna have to go through swapping it into my 2005 Mustang Gt and a price...
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    Engine Swap Questions: 1982 Into 1993

    Hello. I have a 1993 Mustang, but it is a 4-cyl. I am planning to swap a V8 into it. I see a pretty good deal for a 1982 5.0, and now I am wondering if there would be any significant difficulties swapping the whole engine and drivetrain from the '82 to the '93. Wiring issues? Any issues at all?