1. Xterminator03

    Idle kpa

    I'm tryin to get my car to idle properly. It Is idling at about 95kpa, afr is very rich and Everytime I lower the fuel demand it shuts off. It has large cam in it but I don't know the exact specs. All I know it was a nitrous build with a solid roller with close to a 600 lift.
  2. 9

    MS2 Cold Start Issues

    Greetings to all, Currently running the diyautotune MSPNP Gen 2 v1.2 on my 93 turbo stang with a standard 302/GT-40x heads/F-cam running with FRPP 42lb injectors. I initially, downloaded the base tune from DIY and have been tuning. So far, it idles and runs really good. The issue I'm having...
  3. a91what

    Megasquirt/tuner Studio Tech Thread

    This is where I will be posting tech articles. I will try to be as detailed as possible with these writeups so that you can understand the what and how of MegaSquirt/Tuner Studio. I hope to do one writeup a week detailing a specific area of the software and I will include some hardware writeup...