ms3 gold box

  1. beyondEOD

    94-95 Mustang 5.0 AODE MS3 Gold Box w/ Microsquirt

    Alright here is is. I now have an EFI Source 86-93 MS3 Gold Box with the Microsquirt to run the AODE. Build Details: 1995 Mustang AODE GT40p Heads Anderson B-31 Cam 218/228 109ICL 112LSA Explorer Intake 65mm TB, SN95 MAF, Stock Airbox, K&N Filter BBK Shorties VRS Catted X Ford BB302 30lb...
  2. 91mustanglxcoupe

    89 Mustang MS3 gold box tuner studio idle control and injector dead time

    I have a 89 mustang with SBF 302 with GT40P heads and Vortech V1 blower at 10psi and running the ms3 gold box with tuner studio. In the idle control section I'm trying to find out what the valve mode is supposed to be set at inverted or normal for a stock IAC valve. Idle valve type is set at PWM...