mustang 02 misfire

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    Misfire on Cylinder 5, thrown the whole parts store at it

    2002 Mustang 3.8 Automatic 198,564 Miles Current mods: MAC OffRoad H-Pipe, K&N CAI, MSD Wires I got a code for misfire on cylinder 5 (P0305) a month after rebuilding the upper end of the engine (had a blown head gasket). The car ran extremely smooth and got great gas mileage before the problem...
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    Mustang 02 v6 misfire car starts but dies right after

    I’ve posted this already but I have new updates so I figured I’d do a new thread. I own a mustang 02 v6 coupe I’ve been having a very weird misfire for the past 2 years almost. In the morning the car starts normal with no misfires nor any other issues. The problem starts when I’m stuck in...