mustang 1966

  1. Olivethefet

    What's it Worth? 66 I6 Mustang Coupe

    I work with a guy that is thinking about letting go of his 66 coupe. This car has been sitting for years in a garage. He is the third owner and has had the car since the 70s. He drove it to high school. The car was Wimbledon White, but now is a easy bake oven maroon purple color. The car ran...
  2. S

    Gps Brake Kits

    Recently l have found myself looking for a Disc Brake Conversion for my 66 Mustang Auto. With parts suppliers limited in Canada l ended up talking to one shop that offered a kit made by GPS. I myself have never heard of this company, question is... are they any good, worth looking at or stay far...