mustang 1995

  1. starstruck106

    Need Help 1995 Convertible 3.8 Temp Gauge still not working and alarm system is draining my battery

    I have a 1995 3.8 Convertible that I recently had a belt break on while driving in heavy winter conditions. The belt was replaced and I have driven maybe 400 miles since that time. About two weeks ago the gauges for fuel and temperature stopped working (just the ones on the left) I had this...
  2. K

    1995 mustang v6 surging

    Hello! I have a 1995 mustang v6 and it is having surging problems. You can be driving a certain speed (even set on cruise) the cars speed will stay the same but the cars rpms will rev out going up and down continuously. When it finally release its pushes or jumps the car forward. No check engine...
  3. R

    Expired 1995 Mustang Coupe Parts Car

    For sale a 1995 Mustang V6 coupe parts car with new tires and excellent rim and complete mechanics, the interior is complete and in mint condition. Car has excellent dent free and rust free sheet metal, Car is only missing two front fenders and a right side mirror and car is sold with a title...