mustang ii

  1. 1977 Ghia 302w

    1977 Ghia 302w

    My '77 Emerald Glow Ghia w/ 302w C4
  2. M

    Engine Clutch cable

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 1975 mustang ii 2.3L 4cyl, 4 speed manual. The clutch cable has a broken spring. And was wondering if anyone knew where to find a A spring. Or knew if a clutch cable for a 2.8/5.0 is compatible with a 2.3. The new clutch cable I’ve purchased came without a...
  3. A

    1978 302 Serpentine conversion

    Need Help, I am looking to change my 1978 Mii 302 to Serpentine belt, was told that late 80's Mustang 302 parts will fit. I found a junkyard with a 1989 Mustang with a 302 serpentine system. But before I pay $300 for everything I think I may need I was hoping to find someone who has converted...
  4. Enzio

    Engine New Fan Shroud, Thermostat, Alternator Belt

    Hi All, Enzio here. New video on Youtube showing some minor modifications to the '76 Cobra II. If you like the video please give me a thumbs up and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notifications of new projects. While installing the fan shroud (which fit perfectly) I fixed a...
  5. M

    WTB/Trade Iso: '78 V8 Frame/motor Mounts, Manifolds/headers & Oil Pan

    Doing an engine swap in a '78 and desperately need Frame Mounts, Motor Mounts, Manifolds or Headers and an Oil Pan. I don't care what shape any of it is in as long as they work! I live in Upstate, NY and will pay for shipping or will come get the parts. Its been 8 years since I could work on...
  6. Little eddie

    Front Brakes

    Has anyone upgraded to the 11 inch mustang ll brakes that are available everywhere? Of course then you'd need 15 inch 5 lug with the correct off set but stopping power would have to be much better especially on V8 cars.
  7. M

    Ignition Switch

    Hey there everyone, I've been searching everywhere for an ignition switch for my 74 mustang II. Mustangsunlimited had one listed, but it was very different from the one I actually needed. Has anyone switched there's out? If so, where did you find one?
  8. Ambria Arram

    For Sale Excellent '76 Mustang For Sale

    Hi all, Im not sure if this is the correct way and place to do this, but I own an excellent 76' mustang that I am trying to sell for something I can drive in the mountains. I feel like this would be a better place than craigslist to do this since it is such a unique car and I want it to go to a...