1. C

    Blown engine swapping npi and pi???

    Blew my motor on my 2000 gt. I got a good lead on a 1996 4.6 npi motor. I also have a good lead on stage 3 comp cams and springs for 96-04 2v engines. What would make the best sense/work? Getting the heads ported on the 96 engine and using my intake and other stuff off my current mustang plus...
  2. Mad Mod

    Dual Blade TB on a 2v

    I've been hunting for the most cost effective plenum option for a 2v. My major concern was that I'd like to not spend the money on an aftermarket plenum for a Pi/stock intake manifold as I will be using a Victor Jr in the future and I refuse to choke out the 4150 flange with a mmr adapter...
  3. C

    What's it Worth? Is this trade worthwhile?

    I’ve got a dark metallic 1986 SVO that currently has a bright green 1992 LX hood and front bumper on it, 95,000 miles snd minimal mods (cobra brakes, SN95 spindles, and FMIC). Car in question is a bone stock, dark green with cloth interior 76,000 mile 1996 GT that appears to have a straight body...