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    99 3.8 turbo kit

    I have an sandrail with a 99 3.8. The guy I bought it from said it was dynod at 197 hp. I am looking for a turbo kit. To add another 100-125 hp if possible on 91 octane. I am tearing the motor down for a full rebuild. I am a decent vw wrench. Many turbo vws. Just new to the 3.8. Any...
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    Exhaust set up advice. O\R H pipe or high flow cat H pipe?

    Hey guys so I got the borla Attak Axlebacks for my 2014 v6 Mustang and I deleted the resinators. It is loud when I want it to be and fairy quiet while just cruising, howeverI want the sound to be more of a deeper growl. I was going to pick up some BBK Long tube headers, and a BBK H pipe. My...