1. CalebIsBrokn

    Drivetrain Whining sound when low gear

    My 1995 mustang 3.8 auto is making a weird whining sound in low gear and idle it's not transmission fluid I have no idea what it's loudest when accelerating only mod I really have is a cherry bomb
  2. A

    2020 Mustang GT Alarm Problems

    Hi, I bought a brand new 2020 Ford Mustang GT in February. Thirty days went by without any problems, I drove 1200 miles. The car was always kept in a dark, safe and locked garage. After thirty days, the car’s alarm suddenly went off, without any external input (I wasn’t even in the garage)...
  3. M

    New trick flow top end

    Hello, new to this! Ok so Im going to jump to it. I have a 93 mustang triple white, so im going to start with my mods i had before the top end. BBK fuel pump not sure on name but its to match the maf and 30lb injectors. I had a bama tune but took it out because it wasnt calibrated for those...
  4. T

    ON3 turbo boost help!?

    Hello all, I have been trying to figure this boost problem out for a year now... I have the on 3 performance 76m turbo kit and I am only making 8 lbs of boost with springs set for 18+... I have removed and blocked the wastegate and still no extra boost. I did a boost leak test and only found...
  5. Hudson N

    Voltage regulator/alternator problems

    My alternator on my 1991 wont charge my battery, I replaced the battery and the alternator, still wont get charge. I pulled the cluster and found that the ribbons that go to my battery Indicator lamp are a little bashed up. Does anybody know how I can repair those ribbons? Or is there a way to...
  6. M

    More 2018 Problems!

    Everyone, So went to the dealer for them to try and diagnose that whine and now this. Service has never heard of either and they will get to work on Monday morning. Anyone ever heard of this noise??? I just recently installed new wheel and tires from AM.. I was assuming it was a wheel weight...
  7. H

    Cab Smells Like Fuel

    When I leave my 1988 2.3l over night sometimes it smells very strong of fuel. I've checked the vacuum lines to the best of my ability, and the charcoal canister ( I think that's what its called) seams to be fine. Any help would be amazing. This is my first post, I think I have it in the right...
  8. D

    Help!! Stock Audio Problems

    I have the stock audio for 1997 mustang GT with a after market head unit. I was driving the other night and out of no where I lost all bass in every speaker. I tried to change the head unit but that didn't work. I have no idea what can make me lose all my bass in every speaker.
  9. Nick Bos

    1970 Mustang Coupe-- Hesitation When Accelerating Question

    Hello all, I am new to forums in general and I thought the perfect time to join one is when I purchased a classic mustang. Anyways the problem I'm having is whenever I hit the gas hard, the car hesitates for about 2-3 seconds then finally revs up and goes. Its pretty bothersome and annoying...