1. wbrockstar

    Help Needed To Identify Wiring Component On Hanger At Fuel Pump

    Im trying to help someone id a component thats connected to their fuel pump hanger in a 94 Mustang GT.Ive searched for hours and still haven't come up with one image that appears like the one below.Not sure if its an item that came factory on the car or possibly aftermarket?? Does anyone with a...
  2. T

    Power Steering Pulley Bolt Size?!?

    I can't seem to find the bolt that holds the power steering pump pulley on. Anyone know the exact size? Looks like theres got to be a washer also
  3. J

    C-iii Steering Pump Upgrade

    For some reason my original thread was deleted, so I am revising it as my DIY and mod section. Hopefully it will stay long enough for members to enjoy. Subject, C-III pump to C-II components with mods. So far I have modded my C-II bracket for clearance of the pressure valve and pressure line...
  4. B

    Tss Billet Oil Pump Gears

    Hey guys, just had a 2.9L whipple supercharger installed on my s550 and I also had some TSS Billet oil pump gears installed. Here's my issue my car is throwin low oil pressure code but doesn't say exactly what it's at. While on the dyno my tuner told me if it was to low he would see a lot of...