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    TE37's 17x8.5 Fronts, 17x9.5 Rears and Suspension Questions

    Hello, I found some TE37's on ebay, the fronts are 17x8.5, and the rears are 17x9.5. Offset for the fronts are ET30, and the rears are ET40. I know they will fit, but I have some questions about fitment. For the rears I probably would have to either flip or remove the quad shocks, but if I...
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    Rear Upper Lower Control Arms and Shocks

    87 GT Vert. I am replacing all the bushings in the rear control arms with poly bushings and new shocks. Is it best to replace the rear lower and shocks and then do the rear upper or what is the best order ? I am doing it on the garage floor and not on a lift.