rear end gears

  1. C

    Drivetrain Rear Differential Noise

    Hey, I am a new member and this is my first post. I purchased a 1994 gt project car that I have been working on for the past 5 months. The car has 104k on the dash. So far I have started out by getting the chassis and drive line ready for more power. In the front I have replaced the rack and...
  2. A

    Limited Slip Rear End Grinding and Whining

    03 GT traction lok rear end. When turning, either direction, the rear makes a muffled grinding sound under acceleration (imagine two stones grinding on each-other in a circular motion), and a whining sound without acceleration (kind of like a dry door hinge but muffled). There is no sound until...
  3. T

    2008 Mustang GT Vibration in Entire Car

    Hey guys :), really looking to get to the bottom of this... I had taken my car to my local Gerald's who do good work. And they checked my entire front end. Called me and said that the passenger outer tie rod was shot, driver inner tie rod shot, bushings for my front suspension shot, front/rear...
  4. 78mIIman

    Drivetrain 78 Ii 8" 3.80???

    Hi guys, Have a '78 II, with a 302- mild crane cam, forged rods, hyperuectic pistons, weiand intake, headers, and a holley 600 vac sec carb roughly 210hp to the wheels-with a c4 trans. Currently have an 8" rear end with 3.00:1 gears. Looking to change the gear ratio out to a 3.80 or a 4.11:1...
  5. S

    Expired Rear End Gears

    i have the original 3:08 gears removed at 35,000 original miles replaced with 3:73, positraction if that makes a difference, also Stock shifter Indianapolis In , 317-374-8668, text or call $ 75.00 gears $ 35.00 shifter
  6. Mustang Rear End Gear Installation: Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion

    Mustang Rear End Gear Installation: Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion

    See our full line of Mustang Rear End Gears here: Are you looking to improve your ET's? Nothing improves your acceleration and helps you launch your Stang like a set of Ford Racing Rear End Gears! The FRPP ring and pinion gear...