1. D

    Paint and Body Any non oil resistant parts in engine bay?

    So I wanted to take all possible measures to rust proof my 1989 mustang. I wanted to spray fluid film on the structural parts as much as I can do I'll spray around the struts etc in the engine bay. I just wanted to know if there were any hoses or wires that are NOT oil resistant. I obviously...
  2. opihinalu

    Paint and Body A lot of rust behind the front driver-side wheel but none on the passenger side.

    I have noticed quite a bit of rust behind the wheel on the front driver-side but there is barely any on the passenger side? What could cause this? also, what other places should I look for rust?
  3. S

    For Sale POR15 rust preventative paint, black - 4 quarts

    POR15 rust preventative paint, black - 4 quarts $180 Georgetown, TX Brand new, never opened. I bought it new in early 2003 for a project that never materialized. I'm selling all of the parts -- all new -- for a 408 small block Ford build, plus some...
  4. RaggedGT

    Speed master Qualifier (Jegs) intake

    Alright guys-doing a Re-Re-Revival of my ‘94 so I can drive it around again this summer-currently it’s getting a suspension/interior overhaul. My other area of intention is under hood, mainly meaning I’d like to bump the performance slightly, but mostly add to the appeal. All of that to...
  5. 603mustangs

    Door pillar panels, shock towers, etc.

    Not sure if I'm using the wrong search terms here and on google, I'm looking for the spot welded fox body subframe parts behind the fenders. I see plenty o pics of rusty ones removed, new ones welded in. Where can I get new ones? I attached a pic , I can see all the individual panels spot welded...
  6. B

    Rusty boi

    Heyo, So I bought a 2005 mustang gt a few months back, and I recently noticed a large amount of rust bubbles on the bottom of both rear quarter panels. :( I'm not sure I want to know this, but how much will it cost me approximately to fix? It a patch on both sides that is about 2x6 inches large...
  7. K

    Fox Coolant Leaking

    yesterday I was changing engine oil when I noticed that there is some coolant leaking (one little hot drop on My Head :scratch:). As I replaced the water pump last month so I thought one of the hoses claps not tie enough. I start inspecting and I found some rust and little coolant drops coming...
  8. 6

    New to forum

    I am a newbee and wanted to say hey! I own a 69 Mustang convertible. It is all original even the original spare tire. I bought it as a project and it needs a bit of frame repair and floorboards.
  9. S

    2014 GT undercarriage rust on recent purchase - should i return?

    I just purchased a used 2014 GT/CS with 49k miles. It's from Carmax and i'm still in my 7-day window to return the car. I'm trying to determine if i should based on the undercarriage rust my mechanic found. It's an east coast car, so i'm to understand rust is fairly normal, but i'm not sure how...
  10. Z

    Paint and Body Cost of rust around windows?

    I’m currently looking at a 68 mustang that overall is good. The trunk looks nice, the engine was rebuilt in 2015, and the undercarriage has only a little bit of surface rust in a couple spots. The trouble is that there is rust on the top of the windshield, and at the base of the rear window. It...
  11. J

    Fox My Mustang 1993 Limited Edition LX 5.0L FE (Canary Yellow)

    This is my Mustang, I am taking it over from my uncle's collection of cars, I am hoping to complete a full restoration. The back glass is shattered, the convertible top has tears in it and the front seats are virtually unusable. The quarter panel has been rusted through on the driver side and...
  12. Rust in the Frame Rails of a Mustang - How to Fix Rust in a classic car

    Rust in the Frame Rails of a Mustang - How to Fix Rust in a classic car

    Please LIKE my Facebook, if my videos are useful to you: Rust in the Frame Rails of a Mustang. There is nothing worse than rusty frame rails in a classic Mustang. Unfortunately there are a lot of rusty Mustangs out there, but in this video I show you...