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  1. F

    Will any 05-09 GT Auto Trans fit in my 2005 GT?

    Hello everyone, Im new to the foroums. Recently my auto transmission started slipping when going into second gear. Anyways, my question, im willing to buy a used trans, I Know every 05-09 GT has the same auto transmission (5r55s) . A lot of parts and junkyard ebay shops list the 05/06 as the...
  2. vikingprincess89108

    Expired Ford Mustang S197 Wheels And Tires 300$ Las Vegas

    (W/O TPMS)For sale is 4 used tires and wheels with approx. 24k miles on the wheels and 5k on the tires . They are plastidipped matte black and do not come with TPMS so you will have to have your original TPMS transferred from your old tires. WHEEL SPECS Make: Ford Model(s): MUSTANG Year(s)...