sct x4

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    Can't pair SCT tuner to car with new PCM - VIN not available through ODB2

    Hello all, I just installed a new PCM, with programmed VIN, into my '96 GT, manual tranny. I have an unpaired SCT X4 tuner I want to connect to the car. But, the tuner can't read the VIN through the ODB2 port. I hooked up a scan tool and have the same problem. Both the scan tool and the tuner...
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    Help with Tune!!

    Hi, I’m currently driving an automatic 2017 5.0 with a roush cold air intake, roush full active exhaust and own a SCT X4 tuner with a Standard 93 octane tune but it seems to be riding a little rough (especially when downshifting, mostly into second gear) Any suggestions what I could change as...
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    Email/remote Tune Worth It?

    So I just want to know if anyone has experience with these and are they worth it? I'll start by saying I know that a dyno tune is the best but the cheapest one around (coincidentally the only one around) is $500 and that's kind of steep considering I plan on boosting in the next 3 or 4 years and...