1. K

    For Sale [For Sale] 2010-2014 OEM Ford LED Sequential Taillights

    OEM genuine Ford Mustang LED taillights from 2013-2014 but will fit 2010-2014 model years. These have sequential turn signals and are an easy plug-and-play upgrade for 2010-2012 models. Factory part numbers: DR3Z13404A, DR3Z13405A. Excellent condition with NO cracks, NO broken tabs, and NO...
  2. Eilermoon

    Raxiom Sequential Tail Light Issues

    Hey all, I've read through a few threads regarding these but didn't quite find a fix for my issue. I received and installed the Raxiom sequential tail light harnesses from AM last week and put them in yesterday. Installation is ridiculously easy, so definitely no problems there. But after...
  3. R

    Flash rate for Raxiom sequential plug and play

    I’ve had a Raxiom sequential turn signal kit for a few years on my 2004 Cobra. I installed the V1 flasher. However, they still flash so fast that, unless your looking for it, it’s hard to tell they’re sequencing. I have incandescent bulbs and all the advice I’ve seen are for LEDs, like using an...