shaker 500

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    CD Error with Shaker 500

    Hi All - When I try to eject a CD from my Shaker 500, it just makes a whirring noise for a few seconds, then displays "CD Error". How do I fix this? Is there a way to take out the head unit and pry the CDs loose? Or do I have to just replace the head unit? For context, this started...
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    Replacing the Shaker 500 CD radio

    Hi there, New to the Forum and to the Mustang world. :) My wife bought me a '07 Mustang Convertible V6 for my 50th b'day a few weeks ago. It has 100K mi and apart from some minor issues already solved it's in great shape. The biggest problem is the Shaker 500 radio: The CD changer and the AUX...
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    05-09 basic to shaker system

    I have a 06 GT with the basic 4 speaker system in it. I also have a wrecked 07 with the shaker500 in it. Has anyone every converted the basic system to a shaker before? If so what the easiest way going about it? Thanks
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    Electrical Shaker 1000 Amp Into A 500 System

    I have 2006 mustang GT with shaker 500 sound system . I want to know if I can put a shaker 1000 system in my car without more wires? Is the harness already in car? What do I need to make this work?