shelby drop

  1. Nick Bos

    Really Negative camber Shelby Drop on 70 mustang

    I think I got my ride height the way I want but after the shelby drop Im experiencing very negative camber. I have a 302 and did the shelby drop with a template, replaced the springs with 1" lower springs and new kyb shocks. I am currently reading around -1 degrees of negative camber on the...
  2. M

    68 Arning advice with (aftermarket?) LCA brackets

    Hi everyone, I could use some advice on whether I can pull off an Arning (Shelby) drop on my 68 coupe. When I bought the car it had a 315W in it, and it's had work done on shock towers already. It looks like a previous owner had welded on a new pair of of lower control arm/motor mount...