1. A

    Can anyone tell me whats up with this exhaust sound?

    I just finished my exhaust: BBK Shorty Headers BBK O/R X-Pipe Pypes M-80 Mufflers Quad Tips I'm not looking for opinions, I can't afford long tubes and my stock manifolds broke. I'm trying to figure out what is making the noise that sounds like its humps, it burps or just trying to stay idle...
  2. Cammandobrando

    97 cobra magnaflow street series

    Hey guys looking into exhaust for my 97 cobra , has long tube headers and no cats, wondering if anyone on here has a similar set up and can tell me how it sounds , before i spend the money on a stainless exhaust i am not happy with , any help would be great !
  3. 3

    Where Do I Place Door Sound Dampener?

    (If this isn't the correct forum for this, please direct me elsewhere.) I've got my '69 Mach 1 interior pretty much gutted and prepped. I will be putting in some sound dampener everywhere (Dynamat type stuff), but I'm stumped about the doors. I see on the internet pictures showing the...
  4. T

    '14 Gt, Stereo Problems

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a 2014 Mustang GT Fastback with a premium sound system. Absolutely love the car and I really want to upgrade the engine someday, but first I have an issue with the sound system. My radio works perfectly, sound thru all speakers, when it's just the radio...
  5. Chenaniah

    Remove Mach System In 96 Gt?

    I want to take out the mach system and just throw a simple aftermarket system in. What do I need to do step by step? Just regular speakers with no amps and a sub and amp in the back.
  6. 201AlphaMale

    New To The Thread

    need some advice currently driving a 1994 Gt 5.0 current mods are cai, bbk shorty headers, flowmaster 40s with custom muffler delete, off road y pipes and 89 octane tune.... She's automatic sitting on 18x9 18x10.5 AMR's I'm looking to increase horsepower and add more of an aggressive sound I...