1. T

    2004 Mustang GT-Mach 460 Component System Replacement

    I have wanted to upgrade my sound system in my 2004 GT but wanted to keep things as stock as possible. I looked on the internet, and most videos and posts were replacing the component speakers with co-axle speakers and I wanted to keep the tweeter and woofer separate. I called Crutchfield to...
  2. D

    Help!! Stock Audio Problems

    I have the stock audio for 1997 mustang GT with a after market head unit. I was driving the other night and out of no where I lost all bass in every speaker. I tried to change the head unit but that didn't work. I have no idea what can make me lose all my bass in every speaker.
  3. 89five.o

    Fox Rear Speaker Grille Screws (help Appreciated!)

    Silly question. What type/size screws retain the rear speakers to the speaker grilles in 1989 GT hatchbacks? My old speaker grilles were apparently modified to hold speakers in from the front, and now that I've purchased new grilles I am not quite sure what screws held the speaker on the grilles...
  4. Accelerator

    Expired Custom Speaker Setup! Box Molded To Fit 5.0 Hatchback

    Custom Speaker setup! Box molded to fit 5.0 hatchback Four 10" W3 JL Audio duel voice coil with 1000 Watt Sound Stream amp currently wired in series at 4 ohm . which is easier on speakers will last a long time. has Good clean sound, Custom Sealed Band pass Box with thick Plexiglass, amp...