steering column

  1. Nick Bos

    Interior and Upholstery Horn Contact help I'm desperate

    I have a 1970 ford coupe with a stock column. I found out my horn wasn't working so I took a look at the turn signal switch and found out that the copper horn contact was completely eroded away. I'm including pictures below of the copper contact I'm referring to. I took out the old copper horn...
  2. 6

    ‘65 brake pedal bracket/steering column question

    My steering wheel is too close to the seat in my ‘65 coupe after the rebuild. I have tried to find a parts assembly diagram to see if the dashboard end of the brake pedal support bracket is supposed to go above the dash or below. As it is now, it’s attached below the dash and presents about a...
  3. Habu135

    What's it Worth? '93 Steering Column w/airbag

    What's a '93 steering column with a good airbag worth? Minimal wear.
  4. L

    Interior and Upholstery Steering Wheel/column Swap

    I'm interested in changing my 93 LX steering wheel to a 94 mustang wheel. Does anybody know if this is compatible with airbag wiring and cruise control wiring?