1. Stripes March 19, 2019.jpg

    Stripes March 19, 2019.jpg

    8" dual black gloss sport stripes.. told the guy wanted 2" gap, twice, but he made it 1".. not to happy about that but still looks better with them, especially on the roof and rear.
  2. Schnelly

    stripes or no stripes 2008 GT / Red

    You all decide. Should i buy shoes for the kids or put stripes on the '08 GT? (Just kidding - they don't need shoes - it's summertime) I just can't decide if i like the way stripes look.....
  3. M

    Need Experienced Input W. 2004 Mustang Purchase

    Hello everyone! I have been trying to educate myself concerning the Mustang models between 1999 and 2004 years that are within my budget and I stumbled across a yellow 2004 Mustang with 2 wide black stripes that I can't seem to find anywhere else. The stripes are on each side of where the hood...